The SiteMapLinksTM Standard is a tool for webmasters to implement a tactical linking strategy  which will provide the webmaster a method to influence and direct the search engine keyword indexing of each page of a website.

SiteMapLinksTM is an open standard and may be freely implemented on websites. The standard is designed for ease of implementation and for maximum effect on search engine indexing of website pages.

Using a SiteMapLinksTM page on your site will help improve your results page rank on most search engines and will also have a positive effect on your Page Rank - one of the tools that Google uses to rate your site.

How to create a SiteMapLinksTM Page for your website: Create a SiteMapLinks TM Page

A SiteMapLinksTM page works with your existing sitemap.txt or sitemap.xml page to ensure that all pages of your site are indexed by visiting search engines.  In addition, a SiteMapLinksTM page will provide a bonus to the indexing process by providing the search engine crawler the exact keywords or keyword phrase applicable to every page on your website. By following the standard, you will reinforce the keyword links and raise Page Rank on all your pages.

After you implement a SiteMapLinksTM using our free template,send us an email with User in the subject line, and provide a link to your site. We will be happy to add your link to our user's list page.  Email Us


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SiteMapLinksTM pages provide an effective tactical linking strategy to promote search engine keyword association for each page of your website. Combined with our partner offers, implmentation of a SiteMapLinksTM page on your site will result in a positive gain in your website Page Rank, and increase the Page Rank of every page on your website.

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Please Note: SiteMapLinksTM is a new standard and has not yet fully proliferated throughout the Internet. Results will require some time for full effect.

Last update: February 18, 2008 SiteMapLinksTM  Terms and Conditions improve page rank PR10


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