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An effective website tactical linking strategy to enhance website keyword link recognition for search engine optimization.

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Abstract SiteMapLinksTM provide an effective Internet protocol to facilitate search engine indentification of relevant page content for user submitted search engine inquiries. SiteMapLinksTM then generate tactical home page back links for websites implementing this protocol.

PurposeSiteMapLinksTM  provide a tactical linking strategy for websites. The intent of this strategy is to provide relevant keyword linking data to search engine crawlers as they visit and index website pages .

Methodology - SiteMapLinksTM use a structured format. A  SiteMapLinksTM webpage is published for each website in a specific format using a keyword link title for each page of a website. No graphics or ads are to be used in  SiteMapLinksTM web page. This encourages visitors to use the page to explore the site. 

ProtocolSiteMapLinksTM Standards are designed to provide a maximum benefit to a website when a search engine crawls the site to index pages. The  SiteMapLinksTM  page standard actually directs the search engine robot on which keywords are relevant to specific pages in a website, and provides contextual content for the crawler.

Results - Search engine robots are informed of which keywords are applicable to each specific page of a website. When search engine users enter those keywords as part of a search engine inquiry, the search engine database has a record of that page being relevant to that search phrase. Since  SiteMapLinksTM  are page based, not site based the overall result is a more effective relevant keyword contextual indexing of every website page.

Permissions - SiteMapLinksTM  standard and protocols may be freely used by anyone as long as you are in conformance with the terms and conditions . The term  SiteMapLinksTM  must be used exactly as it appears as follows: SiteMapLinksTM   (with the capital letters in place, and the trademark logo) when used in normal text. Various versions are offered in the table below to blend with the site page.  When used as an internal site link it must appear as follows: SiteMapLinks ( the Trademark logo may be dropped when the word is used as an internal link). When used as an external site link, there are only two permissable forms. See the SiteMapLinksTM SiteMapLinks Trademarks and Logos. All links must remain in place. Only forms in the table are allowed. If you would like a custom color logo or link word, please contact us and we will be happy to set one up for you.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to Email Us with Help in the subject line.


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