How to create a SiteMapLinksTM Page for your website

It is easy to create an implement a  SiteMapLinksTM page for your website. If you have a basic knowledge of HTML or a webpage editor, and you can upload files to your site, you are all set!

If you do not have this ability you can get help here: Install SiteMapLinksTM

Simply cut and paste our  SiteMapLinksTM Template into any webpage editor, and follow the directions in the template. For more technical detailed instructions on how to set up the page see the Detailed Template.

Once you have created your SiteMapLinksTM page, then place a link on your About Yoursite page using the term SiteMapLinks as an Internal Link to the  SiteMapLinksTM page.

Remember to add your  SiteMapLinksTM page to your standard sitemap.txt or sitemap.xml page.

Upload the pages to your site!

If you have any questions, or need help, Email Us  with Help in the subject line.

Next get a link back to your site. Send us an email and we will list your site on our user list page, which provides a free back link to your site. Put User in the subject line and let us know the URL of the site. Email Us.  

Once you have loaded the pages, you can get more free back links to your site by visiting our partner site and letting them know you are using a SiteMapLinksTM page. You can then get several free backlinks to your site and even a hosted copy of your SiteMapLinksTM page, giving you free incoming back links to every page on your site.

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