SiteMapLinks FAQ
Why do I need a sitemap?
Sitemaps are a way that can ensure search engines can find all the pages of your website. Google, Yahoo, and the other major search engines all recommend that you have a sitemap file to help their robot crawlers find all your pages.
Does a SiteMapLinks page replace my current sitemap page?
No, Absolutely not! They function together to enhance your website. 
Why are SiteMapLinks BETTER than a regular sitemap?
SiteMapLinksTM pages also help the robot crawlers find all your webpages, but with a strong advantage to you. By using a keyword link format for each of the pages of your site, you are providing the robot crawler with the relevant keyword for that page. This action reinforces the search engine phrases that are associated with a specific site and a specific page on that site.
What advantages are there to using a SiteMapLinks Page?
SiteMapLinksTM page is friendly to your visitors and to the search engines too! By using a SiteMapLinksTM page, you help increase the Page Rank of every page you choose to list on the SiteMapLinksTM page. This will also increase the Page Rank of your main page. And when you increase your Page Rank, you will increase your placement on the search engine results page when web users search on your keywords. improve page rank PR10


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