SiteMapLinksTM  Tactical Linking Strategy

A SiteMapLinksTM page works with your website to enhance the site search engine crawl results. Using your selected keywords as a link to the most important pages on your website, or even all of the pages, the search engine crawler is automatically instructed to create links to your site pages using those keywords, or keyword phrases, that apply to each page of your website you choose to list on your SiteMapLinksTM page.

This provides a Tatical Link Strategy for your site. You can supply the search engine crawler the keywords for each page on your site. And when you use these keywords in other external links to your site, then the search engines association to your pages for those keywords is reinforced. The secondary website pages gain valuable keyword links, and by ensuring these secondary pages link back to your homepage, they will increase the Page Rank of your Home Page.

When you use our free template to create a SiteMapLinksTM page for your site you are also eligible to have a copy of your SiteMapLinksTM page hosted on our partner site, which will provide free incoming back links to every page you choose to list on your SiteMapLinksTM  page. To find out more visit: Free Incoming Links improve page rank PR10


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An effective website tactical linking standard to enhance website keyword link recognition for search engine optimization.

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